Purpose of this Club

The objectives of this organization shall be:

1.  To promote the traditional, van patterned native Turkish longhaired cat known worldwide since 1955 as the Turkish Van at cat shows and other public events, on the Internet and in the media.

2. To encourage the selective breeding to the CFA standard of purebred Turkish Van cats, the use of CFA-allowable Turkish Van imports, and the accurate registration of all Turkish Vans.

3. To actively participate in CFA sanctioned events and shows, and to sponsor rosettes, rings and rallies to promote interest in and knowledge of Turkish Vans through breed literature, slide or video shows, or breed booths at CFA sponsored shows.

4. To cultivate friendship, common interest, and international understanding among the members, clubs with similar goals and purposes, and Turkish Van breeders, owners, and fanciers worldwide.

 5. To publish a quarterly newsletter printing news, views, issues, answers, and proposals as dictated or submitted by members or other interested parties.

6. To advance in any way possible the interests of breeders and exhibitors and to promote the welfare of all cats.

7. To promote the health, welfare, and humane treatment of the Turkish Vans through responsible pet ownership and breeding, and through support to groups that assist or rescue Turkish Vans in need.

8. To mentor new breeders, exhibitors, and others interested in the cat fancy.


Club Contact Information

Vantastix would be glad to hear from you if you have an interest in Vans, joining our group, or want to learn more about owning a Turkish Van. We also encourage people who own “Van-alikes” to contact us for more information.
Click here for a membership application to our group.
*Note – International Visitors, please include a telephone number or mailing address in your inquiry. We’ve had problems sending email overseas.